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Theresa's Notes
Oh my!  I know there are some that think I spoil Oliver the cat a little bit, I mean come on, who ever heard of putting on a harness and a leash on a cat?  But I do.  He could fall off and we are on the 2nd floor and he would be hurt.  Today the unthinkable happened.  He was trying to get a spider and leaned a little too far over the rail and off he went.  The Leash held!  and there he was looking up at me dangling his "little" body over the rail.  We pulled him up and he squeezed his big body into a little hole and made it up to the patio!

Moral of the story - you may chaff against the leash that God has you on, but He knows best.  His rules are not to hurt us but to help us!  Much easier to get pulled up with the leash - than to fall all the way to the ground!